Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unfinished Business 5: What's in my Rifter's Tape Deck?

In reply to Flee on Sight: A Glimpse at Chaos:
"So the question is this, what do you listen to when PvPing?"

I must admit that I can't stand any noise when I'm in a fight, I need all concentration not to screw up. But during system scans I'm usually humming a nice EVE inspired Bob Marley tune:

"I'm scannin', I hope you like scannin' too ...

I'm scannin', and I'm scannin' in the name of the Lord!"
This tune is really versatile too, you can sing it when scamming in you favourite trade hub or if you're german, which is totally true in my case!

I'm german! Alright! And I hope you like germans too!

Unfinished Business 32: Camouflage

Newman: I mean parcels are rarely damaged during shipping.
Jerry: Define rarely.
Newman: Frequently.

In stage in EVE, where I find less and less nice solo fights I've come to wonder why. While when I was starting solo PVP, as a few month old pilot I never had to wait long until someone engaged. I was an easy target non-flashing yellow or with positive security status even. One indicator that I must have been fighting almost constantly is that I used to carry nanite repair thingies because I often had the next fight within the gcc period without being able to dock and rep up. I haven't been buying nanites for months now.

Looking back on this time I think creating my character in January was a very good idea, because for almost 12 months I had this 2010 label on me indicating that I was just a noob. I think there's a lot of psychology going on in a pilots mind when he looks up your char info and tries to decide whether to engage or not. And there's things I can do to make people engage more often:
  • Security Status: At the beginning it feels like an accomplishment to be -10 and flashy and all that crap, but I think this just scares people. Ratting cruisers safe up when you enter local with your Rifter and they will only engage with a gang as backup. Not good. I've come to the conclusion I have to get out the red zone to find more fights. It needn't be 0.0, but some number that doesnt look like I'm podding people just for fun.
  • Killboard: i should have never started to post my kills on a public killboard. This is just plain stupid. But well, pirates are vain too when it comes to their kills. I can't change that now. If I could change that I would have posted only losses. Not surprizingly some people are much smarter than I am.
  • Character Bio: Ah, vanity again, thy name be pirate. I have a link to my blog there. Not good. I should post a mining corporations description there and some childish citations from witty conversations in different colors and all in CAPs. Which brings me to the next section:
  • Behaviour in Local: I don't think I'm very far from reaching this goal but from a PVP standpoint I think it's wise to look as stupid as possible in local. Not being able to spell, using CAPs, asking all kinds of stupid questions can do wonders. I've taken a lesson in talking like a twelve year old US boy (thanks Miura!), but I think I still can't pull that off convincingly.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Unfinished Business 9 1/2: Super Villain Noob

I'm still publishing drafts from my blog because I'm leaving. How much of this crap is left in the drafts folder you ask? PLENTY! Now on to a post of unmatched grandeur. I wish all my posts had been this succinct. That  would have spared you a lot of trouble.
Catalyst in a belt. Horrible crime in the works. Sobczynski warps in to save the day.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Unfinished Business 8: Untitled

Another unfinished post, obviously the overture to a magnificent Rifter fist fight. I think I killed the Hookbill after stalking it for hours.

Jumping into the system I immediately felt something was wrong. And I don't mean I felt it like I feel a cool breeze coming on on a warm summer night. I mean I felt it like a planet crashing into my face. I had entered Bogelek, the worst scum hole in the known universe, and two young ruffians were in local. A quick scan revealed a Dramiel and a Caldari Navy Hookbill - a deadly combination, much like a marmot in a bathtub going after your Johnson. From previous experience I expected them to have guns attached to their ships!
People, let me get this straight: Pator Tech School is committed to make New Eden a great place for the whole family. No sex, no profanity, no violence!
Eurolring Korneri, CEO Pator Tech School
Now one thing at a time, I've decided to enforce that no-violence policy first. Flipping through the Rifter's manual pages I did not only not find the section on how to deal with unruly faction frigs (and I remembered the other day when I ... ah never mind, that story ain't safe for work), I didn't find the manual in my trunk in the first place. What a crap.

Unfinished Business 14: Loooot

A small peek into my Rifter's cargo hold after a 48 hour roam. Turns out a lot of you guys are carrying a lot of books. Weird. I like the hand crafted wooden faction chair best. Looks comfy! I think the chandelier eventually fit into one of my unfortunate Slicers.

Nice chandelier, eh?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unfinished Business 4: CSI Siseide

This post came to me when one time I crashed a rookie mining operation in Egghelende. All that I left was wrecks and corpses and I wondered how that would look like to a pilot passing by. Oh boy ... I even had a screen shot photoshopped with crime scene tape and blood all over the asteroid field. Can't find it now though.

[with Max Payne voice]
I warped in from the dark and cold. The belt was a mess. Piles of hot metal, wrecks, corpses scattered all over the place. Minutes ago this had been a screaming hell, lasers cutting through the void, burning flesh, bullets tearing holes into civilian ships.

A low sec mining operation that had gone very very wrong.

Ever since I joined CSI Siseide I hoped I would get used to it. But I didn't.

The incoming reports had mentioned a pirate ship that had raided a newbie mining operation in this belt. I had seen this before. The fight must have taken less than a minute. A Civilian Miner fit Catalyst had been blown to pieces by artillery fire, probably in a few volleys. What was left of the pilot was arranged across an asteroid.