Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unfinished Business 4: CSI Siseide

This post came to me when one time I crashed a rookie mining operation in Egghelende. All that I left was wrecks and corpses and I wondered how that would look like to a pilot passing by. Oh boy ... I even had a screen shot photoshopped with crime scene tape and blood all over the asteroid field. Can't find it now though.

[with Max Payne voice]
I warped in from the dark and cold. The belt was a mess. Piles of hot metal, wrecks, corpses scattered all over the place. Minutes ago this had been a screaming hell, lasers cutting through the void, burning flesh, bullets tearing holes into civilian ships.

A low sec mining operation that had gone very very wrong.

Ever since I joined CSI Siseide I hoped I would get used to it. But I didn't.

The incoming reports had mentioned a pirate ship that had raided a newbie mining operation in this belt. I had seen this before. The fight must have taken less than a minute. A Civilian Miner fit Catalyst had been blown to pieces by artillery fire, probably in a few volleys. What was left of the pilot was arranged across an asteroid.


  1. What was left of the pilot was arranged across an asteroid. <<< spat some coffee out :)