Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unfinished Business 5: What's in my Rifter's Tape Deck?

In reply to Flee on Sight: A Glimpse at Chaos:
"So the question is this, what do you listen to when PvPing?"

I must admit that I can't stand any noise when I'm in a fight, I need all concentration not to screw up. But during system scans I'm usually humming a nice EVE inspired Bob Marley tune:

"I'm scannin', I hope you like scannin' too ...

I'm scannin', and I'm scannin' in the name of the Lord!"
This tune is really versatile too, you can sing it when scamming in you favourite trade hub or if you're german, which is totally true in my case!

I'm german! Alright! And I hope you like germans too!

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